New Members

New Members

We’d like to introduce our new members for 2018, and feature a seasonal one whose business depends on the heat of summer!

Perhaps you’ve visited our newest business or have seen their business at recent events. Ike’s Shave & Cream, LLC offers a delightful refreshing shaved ice treat in huge, flat-bottomed petal cups. They set up as vendors at special events such as Farmers Markets, and can often be found beside the VFW building in Sheridan. Their stationary location is just west of Sheridan at 3412 Hwy 287, but it’s only open if you see the signs. Variable schedule is updated on Facebook.

Ike’s Shave & Cream, LLC is owned by Isaac and Anna Ingram of Sheridan. Isaac and Anna also own and operate Ingram Photography, while Isaac works full-time at Garnet USA, and Anna works at Home Park Assisted Living. Billie Sue is their daughter who turns one-yr old on August 5th. Isaac is also a Chamber Marketing Director who has launched our video series.

Anna (Marxer) grew up on the Matador ranch near Dillon, while Isaac called Arlington, Texas home. They have a crazy love story, having met online while Anna was running a teen girl’s orphan home for a missionary in Moldova. The ultra-cautious relationship break-through came when Isaac, who’d been told Anna was from Denver, said something in an email–in Romanian–not a language most people would know. The story came out–Isaac had spent much of his childhood in Moldova’s neighboring country, Croatia, with his missionary parents, and Anna was not from Denver after all. The rest is a fun story Anna recorded in a series of posts in her “Cabbage Diaries” journal.

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