The Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture’s brings businesses, agriculturists, and industry professionals together to benefit the entire community. Once a group of small area chambers, the valley merged in 2005 with the hope that by bringing them together into one Chamber, we’d have more impact. Since then, we’ve been able to provide funding for a variety of community events, provide thousands to local improvement grants for individual businesses, and create a much need platform for online visibility of our local communities and businesses, sharing with travellers, newcomers, and locals alike the great community our valley holds.

Our chamber currently has 155 Businesses

Invests over $2,000 towards community events annually

Boasts a website that gets over 15,000 visitors each year looking for information about our area, our history, things to do, and businesses.

500+ Followers on Facebook

In 2019, fundraised $5,500 for our valley volunteer Fire Departments


Our Chamber is a non-profit organization and is run by our volunteer board of local business owners. Currently, we have 10 board members, ranging from Twin Bridges to Alder representing agriculturists, seasonal tourism industry, main street business owners, community organizers, and industry professionals.

President:  Michelle VanDyke
Vice President:  Ray Marxer
Lacey Wood
Laci Holbrook
Cassie Ubaldo
Sue Gilman

Isaac Ingram
Anna Ingram
Teen Holland
Vito Ottanelli
Paul Jurenas