Diamond H Embroidery

Diamond H Embroidery

New Business Spotlight

Diamond H Embroidery may be a new business in town, but the owners are home-grown, a true product of the Ruby Valley. The Chamber is pleased to introduce Rob and Katie Holden as the new owners of Diamond H Embroidery, providing a full lineup of custom embroidered items from apparel to horse blankets.

“We love it here and couldn’t think of anywhere else we would rather be”, says Katie. “We bought the business locally, and plan to keep it local”. Kristi Pancost and Jackie Bevan previously owned the business formerly known as 4P Embroidery.

Popular items are caps, coats, and shirts; but the Holdens apply their embroidery art to just about anything with a soft surface that can be “hooped”. Fleece blankets, pillow cases, soft gun cases, patches, aprons, silk scarves, horse blankets — and even folding lawn chairs.

Rob & Katie Holden Rob and Katie appreciate the opportunity to be able to operate a business on their home turf. “What makes the difference in a place is the people — and we have the greatest people in our community. This community makes our business. Thank you for all you do for us!”

Diamond H Embroidery will be at the Buy Local Expo sponsored by the Chamber on May 6, 2017 at the Fairgrounds Round Barn. Be sure to stop by and check them out!

Follow them on Facebook, and visit their new website to learn more — and to see the huge variety of items they offer. www.diamondhembroidery.com

Diamond H Embroidery can be reached at any time. Before visiting, be sure to call or text to make sure Katie’s at home. 406-660-2303