Relocation Information

Relocation Information

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Information provided on this page is a good place to begin your research for relocation. Specific information on a wide spectrum of local businesses and services can be found in our Business Directory, and by checking out official links provided below.

Twin Bridges High School Churches, Schools, Fire Departments, Medical and Hospital Availability
  • Schools – Pre-school through 12th grade schools are available in Ruby Valley towns. The 2 High Schools are located in Twin Bridges and Sheridan.
  • Civic – Most towns have a Volunteer Fire Department and Public Library. A variety of church denominations are served throughout the valley.
  • Medical – A hospital is located in Sheridan, as well as a nursing home and a very nice assisted living facility. Medical Clinics are available in Twin Bridges and Sheridan.
Employment Resources

The Ruby Valley has an agriculture and tourism based economy which tends to rely heavily on seasonal and service-based workers. Medical, education, banking, and government services offer limited full-time employment; as do construction, automotive, ranches and farms, retail, and fabrication businesses. Technology has opened up additional opportunities for people who choose to work remotely. Fiber Optic internet is available in much of the valley.

State Business Information
Madison County Business Planning
  • Madison County Website
  • County Planning Office – Documents pertaining to growth and business in Madison County.
  • Ruby Valley Conservation District and the Ruby Watershed Council. The staff at the RVCD will be very helpful with a wide range of information concerning land and environment issues, noxious weeds, and conservation programs.
  • Code of the New West – Things to consider when moving to a rural area. Summary of information on roads, postal delivery, utility services, environmental issues, public lands and other topics.
  • Location Availability – Ruby Valley has many locations available for new businesses including the downtown corridors of Sheridan and Twin Bridges. The Philanthropy River Building in Sheridan has recently been renovated and offers professional, commercial and retail business suites. The owner of the former site of the Montana Children’s Center, west of Twin Bridges, is seeking property development partners. Smaller business rental/ purchase opportunities are also available. Real Estate offices in the Business Directory have good leads for opportunities and locations.

Brand new street in Sheridan, Montana


The Ruby Valley is growing its technological resource base as small entrepreneurs are finding the area to be ideal for combining the pleasures of country life with a no-hassle work environment.

  • Fiber Optics are available in Twin Bridges and Sheridan, as well as some outlying areas.
  • More remote areas usually rely on Satellite Internet service.
  • With Montana Tech just 48 miles to the north in Butte, and University of Montana 30 miles to the west in Dillon, there is an excellent potential workforce.

Out-of-town locations are responsible to provide their own well and septic systems. Many use propane or wood for heating.

  • Gas & Electric – NorthWestern Energy – 1 888-467-2669. Emergencies: Electric – 888-467-2353, Gas – 888-467-2427
  • Water & Sewer – Town of Sheridan – 406-842-5431, Town of Twin Bridges – 406-684-5243
  • Telephone & Internet – Three Rivers Communications – 800-796-4567 – Within Twin Bridges and Sheridan, 3 Rivers provides fiber optic service for High Speed Internet and Digital TV. Call for availability in specific areas.
  • Television – Three Rivers Communications – 800-796-4567 Dish Network – 800-201-0301
  • Cell Service – Main cell providers are Verizon and AT&T. Cell service in the Ruby Valley is adequate in most places, but not great, due to the proximity of so many magnificent mountain ranges. Inside the city limits of Twin Bridges, as well as parts of Sheridan, it can be difficult to find a signal until you’re out-of-town.
Waste & Garbage
  • No garbage pickup available. Waste receptacles and recycling bin sites are located in City Dumps near each town. Individuals / businesses are responsible for hauling their own trash or hiring someone to take care of it. More information, including recycling information: County Sanitarian.
  • Northern Energy – 406-682-4230, Ennis
  • Amerigas – 406-683-2931, Dillon
  • Montana Energy Alliance – 406-683-9500, Dillon
Well Information

Graham Drilling – 406-842-5214.