2018 Renewals: When you land on this page after clicking an email link, scroll down and log-in. You’ll be taken to the Business Directory page–scroll down, and you will see where to input your renewal information. 

Site membership is limited to members and prospective members of the Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture of southwest Montana. When registering there will be a short delay before you are able to log-in since registrations must be activated by an administrator. Attempts to log-in prior to activation will fail.

Prospective Members: Join the Chamber right here.
  • Register below (form on left). For the sake of security, please do not use your business name as your username.
  • Once you’ve received notice of account activation, log-in, then
  • “Submit a Listing” on the Business Directory page. Submitting a Directory Listing adds your business to the directory and serves as your membership application.
  • Your listing will remain in “Pending” status until it’s been approved and payment has been received. Once your listing is active, you will be able to manage, edit, and make changes simply by logging in.
  • Pay by credit card at the end of the Directory listing form, or mail payment to “GRVCCA, PO Box 134, Twin Bridges, MT 59754. NEW: Pay directly by credit card using the button on the right.

Register below, Log-In at right, or use the lower form to Reset Password. Contact at bottom.

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