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How to Join the Chamber Online

With our new online process, your information is only handled once. By you. We are more than happy to assist, whether it’s with sign-in difficulties, form submission, or photo uploads. Just use the Webmaster contact form. We will continue to maintain the Directory as usual. Managing your own listing is an option–not a requirement. The process is laid out step-by-step below. Just click on the plus sign to view each section. AND THANK YOU FOR APPLYING ONLINE!

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Membership Application / Directory Listing / Payment
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Membership Dues and Listing Levels
  • Membership dues are $55 per year, which runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Payment deadline is February 28 — although new members and late renewals are accepted.
  • Basic Directory listings are one of the free benefits of paid-up members. Listings are software-based and expire at 365 days at which time they deactivate and are no longer visible (Listings for late member applications / renewals are manually set to expire on Feb 15 the following year). In 2019, all non-renewed member listings will expire either on January 31 — or February 15. A 2-week reminder and renewal link is emailed to members who provide a valid email address — which provides time to check/ edit/ listing while it’s still active, and renew membership online if desired.

$55 – Annual GRVCCA Membership flat fee. Membership begins January 1. Membership dues deadline is February 28. Included in addition to other membership benefits, is a FREE basic directory listing on this site, in one category, with complete contact information, links, a 35 word description, and 1 image. Listings automatically expire and deactivate at 365 days if membership has not been renewed. Next: Optional Extras →
+ $20 – Enhanced Listing level includes 2 categories, 250 word description and 6 images–and a listing highlight — and bold text in print directory. Since you have access to manage your own listing, you can edit at any time, switch your photos out, change your logo/thumbnail, etc. Be sure to add some search tags. Total including membership: $75 
+ $40 – PRO Listing level includes 365 days as front page “Featured Listing”! In addition, your listing will be highlighted and featured at the top of every search, category, and listings page. You can have up to 3 categories, 750 words and 10 images, with the ability to manage at your own convenience. PRO Listings are highlighted in the print directory. Webmaster can assist if needed, but it is the Member’s responsibility to provide images and content that can be copied/pasted. Total including membership: $95

Front page Premium Partners Advertising Space

Prime placement for a very limited number of front page ads. 2 sizes, with 6 month or 12 month terms. Don’t miss out on these. Reserve your spot today!

Limited Prime Advertising

  • Available to members only — any listing level
  • Large Premium Partner ads – 300×250.
  • Only 2 — 3 spots available
  • Half-size Premium Partner ads – 300×125.
  • Up to 4 placements.
Large Premium Partner Ads

  • $100 – 12 months
  • $ 60 – 6 months
  • see front page for example size and placement
Half-Size Premium Partner Ads

  • $60 – 12 months
  • $35 – 6 months
  • see front page for example size and placement

What Else Can A Registered Member Do on This Website?

Registered Members have access to the Dashboard on the upper-left, as well as to buttons on the administration strip that appears when logged-in. We welcome you to participate in keeping this site active and updated: Tip for using the editor – to paste you need to use Ctrl+v, and sometimes, to copy you’ll need to use Ctrl+c

  • Add an event, or post a news item.
  • Promote your event. Simply click “add New Post“. Upload a flyer and write-up as a “Post”. Posts remain in pending status until published by Administrator.
  • Share your event or post by enabling “share” beneath the editor box. Be sure to share after it’s published. (If you haven’t already, “like” GRVCCA on Facebook!).
  • Have a great photo from a local event, outdoor activity, or season? Share it in a post with a short description. POSTS APPEAR ON THE NEWS PAGE – boxes on the right of your editor allow you to choose category and key words.
  • Use the Contact form to submit your event or news. We will be happy to add it.
  • Leave a comment or testimonial that can be used to promote this site. Using the Contact form will work fine for now.

FINE PRINT - Please do not post if you do not agree
  • All posts will be monitored to prevent malicious spamming or inappropriate content from the internet. GVRCCA administration reserves the right to make editorial corrections/changes/omissions/additions. Contributed posts remain in pending status until published by an Administrator.
  • Please DO NOT upload photos or other rights-managed media that you do not own, or have permission to share. Acceptable media would include items such as performing artists/ events that provide a promotional poster; pertinent articles or mentions you find online that include share buttons, photos you take yourself, (use caution with people and especially children). Be sure to obtain permission prior to posting when applicable.
  • GRVCCA assumes no responsibility or liability concerning member generated content including uploads/downloads, sharing, or use.
  • Members have privileged access rights to areas of site management. Website administrator reserves the right to downgrade or remove contributor access privileges in the event user privileges are abused or present an imminent security risk; or in the event a member prefers to not actively manage their listing.
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